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If not us, who will do it. If not now, when will we do it.

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Initiatives : SHG & JLG

(Group-based programs of economic growth)

In today's society, government jobs are meager, employment in private sectors is less remunerative and insecure; and entering into business is an uphill task full of unpredictable challenges. Then, how to survive and what is the way out? You may be living in any part of India; our NGO can assist to pull you out of the social and economic barriers.
When we are reorganized in the form of a self help group (SHG) or a Joint Liability Group (JLG), we transform ourselves into a powerful unit backed by knowledge, finance and ocean of opportunities through expertise of our team.

Self-Help Group (SHG)
A Self-Help Group refers to a group of 15-20 people who come from similar socio-economic backgrounds to get rid of economic crunch. The government, banks and other financial institutions sanction loan to SHGs to start a small enterprise and tend to create more employment opportunities and help expanding the financial base of each-one of the group members.

Joint Liability Group (JLG)
A Joint Liability Group refers to a group of 5-10 people who also come from similar socioeconomic backgrounds and reside in the nearby areas. In a JLG, the members share liability, or stand guarantee for each other. In case a member turns default, the other members need to pool in money to repay to the lending agency. This ensures a greater effort on part of the members to ensure that everyone repays.

For more details, please contact any of our State Units, Coordinating offices, Volunteers or write to the Central Office/ Central Coordinator, Delhi.
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