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One should perform his deeds for the benefit of mankind with an unbiased approach, because bias gives birth to evil, which creates thousands of obstacles in our path.

- Rig Veda

Through selfless service, eternal peace is obtained.

- Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji

Main Aims and Objectives

1) To promote harmonious understanding and equal respect for all religions, cultures, races and ideologies.

2) To promote the spirit of Democracy with special emphasize on unity & integrity, Economic equality, enjoyment of natural resources on equal terms by one and all, and their representation in employment and business opportunities, eradication of poverty, promoting social empowerment of women, SCs, STs, OBCs, Minority Sections, other weaker & deprived sections of Indian Society.

3) To promote the spirit of patriotism by way of inculcating strong will power to fight out every type of corruption at all levels and nepotism of Aam Aadmi at the hands of Powerful persons / Public Representatives / Public servants etc. having access to the legislature, executive and judiciary.

4) To promote ways and means to root-out black market-ing, hoardings, adulteration and other mal-practices / social evils like Child Marriage, Dowry system, Ritual sacrifice, Accumulation of disproportionate wealth/property and origination of black money.

5) To promote SHGs (self help groups) in rural and urban areas to improve living standard and to acquire financial stability.

6) To open, found, establish, promote, set up, run, maintain, arrange finance, support and / or help the various community development programs/activities for the welfare and relief of the handicapped, old, orphans, widows, weaker sections etc. in specific and for welfare of public in general.

7) To establish & maintain institutions for adult education, vocational training in household industry, semi-skilled jobs for self employment.

8) To establish, manage, maintain and run Educational, vocational and Technical Institutions any where in India, in urban, rural and backward areas and/or to provide financial assistance and other facilities to such institutions.

9) To provide free meals, clothes, shelter, medicines and other things to the poor and needy children of widows.

10) To provide libraries, publish books on educational, cultural & social subjects, organize discussions & seminars to impart knowledge & understanding amongst people.

11) To give or establish prizes for excellence in the field of Social services (b) human understanding, (c) scientific, technical work / research etc. for peace in the country.

12) To grant scholarships or provide financial aid to poor/meritorious students in the field of education.

13) To promote and revive the Science of Yoga for total fitness of body, mind and soul amongst people of India.

14) To analyze, suggest and support the government to consolidate the Grievance Redressal Machinery effectively at different levels for speedy process of justice at nominal cost and decongest court cases.

15) To receive any grant, donation, fee, support and assistance in any form from Govt./ Semi Govt./ Public/ Private Sector/NGO and others for the furtherance of the Objects of the society.

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