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Calling social workers and interns as volunteers under ‘Serve and Earn’ program. Contact avaamsangh@gmail.com or call 92500 81438.
The most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us.

- Indian Saying

About Us

Social Organizations act as a catalyst to the Governments’ Socio-economic Schemes for growth of its people. The origin of Avaam Progressive Mission is based on the concept that the Constitutional Protection, Welfare, Rights and Responsibilities of the Indian citizens and the Society in terms of Social Equality, Economic Equality and Social Justice ensuring food, clothes and shelter to every-one is not only the Governments’ function. The people of India from all walks of life especially the rich and middle families as well as the profit earning Companies, MNCs and other Enterprises must come forward to elevate India as world’s economically super-power nation.

This is possible when NGOs, like ours, strive hard on a number of social problems being faced by the people of this country. We have to work for providing safe working environment, drinking water, proper sanitation, tree plantation, co-operative based farming and business generation schemes yielding employment, skill development programs, creating Self Help Groups, ensuring corruption-free environment and Single-Window help-desks in Public Departments. These are the underlying principles of Aims and Objects of Avaam Progressive Mission.

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Avaam Progressive Mission
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